SerpClix Review: Rankings Results from my CTR Campaigns

I was contacted by SerpClix via cold email and ended up buying a $497 package so I could test out there service.

The site layout and operation look very well done plus they have a handful of positive CTR engagement case studies so this was a deal maker for me.

Overall, the execution of the site looks and feels legit.  You can tell a lot of work went into making it run smoothly.

When I looked for reviews before trying it, I ran into people discussing whether or not they actually paid and found this Beer Money Forum thread where they were indeed receiving payment so that’s always great to see as an enduser as it means the clicks are real.

I was actually in the market to try CTR services at exactly the time SerpClix contacted me so they hit me up at the perfect time.

Two things I disliked were:

1) The credit system makes it difficult to know how much you’re spending, how much you’re getting.

2) They have an automatic renewing subscription and if you cancel your subscription/your membership expires “ALL orders will be deactivated, your Order History will be DELETED, and any unused credits in your account will be LOST.

Seems very unnecessary/harsh not to be able to look back at your order history.

However, I do like that it’s very easy and clear how to cancel your account – an indicator of legitimacy. There are a lot of companies that make it as difficult and as tricky as possible to cancel. Just yesterday I tried to cancel two 1-800 numbers from my Grasshopper account and they definitely play the run around game (you cannot just cancel from within your dashboard).

Back to SerpClix, I did like how the campaigns were carried out and actually show a redacted IP address of who visited your site.

I created multiple campaigns over several different types of pages to test them out.  These were created to contain different numbers of clicks over different lengths of time.

Here are my results from my completed campaigns:

Major news site page 36 -> 33 (improvement) — 20 clicks/day for 14 days

Major news site 2 28 -> 28 (same) — 20 clicks/day for 12 days

Page on this block 13 -> 12 (improvement) — 10 clicks/day for 10 days

Neutral site page 15 -> 15 (same) — 15 clicks/day for 10 days

Site page 24 -> 29 (decrease) – 10 clicks/day for 10 days

Authority site page 4 -> 4 (same) – 15 clicks/day for 10 days

Neutral site page 8 -> 7 (improvement) – 25 clicks/day for 13 days

Neutral site page 13 -> 13 (same) – 20 clicks/day for 18 days

Site page 7 -> 7 (same)  – 10 clicks/day for 10 days

Nuetral site page 4 -> 4 (same) – 20 clicks/day for 10 days

Neutral site page 12 -> 12 (same) – 30 clicks/day for 20 days

Site page 4 -> 3 (improvement) – 4 clicks/day for 25 days

These were mostly international clicks.

With so many different things (competition, daily search traffic, normal rankings shifts, etc.) in play, it’s really hard to pull any conclusive findings from this.  It’s too small of a sample size.

In hindsight, I wish I would have created fewer campaigns but for more clicks and longer durations.

Besides SerpClix, I’ve also tried and not noticed any hard improvement.

If you have any 2019 results – good or bad, please leave a comment below.