Review: The Lab SEO & Marketing Course by Matt Diggity, Mark Luckenbaugh, Dino Gomez

I know they’ve tried to steer away from calling it a “course” but whatever you want to label it, The Lab is an organized and tight collection of videos on the most important aspects of SEO, Facebook advertising, and internet marketing generally.

Here’s the website with full details:

Several things have impressed me. I’ll touch upon some briefly below:

1. The expertise.

Matt Diggity is an SEO mad scientist. Mark Luckenbaugh is a sales and local SEO juggernaut. Dino Gomez is a Facebook wizard. These guys are legit. They didn’t fake it until they made a lot of money selling what they were faking. They did it the right way and are self-made leaders in the online marketing world.

2. Voluminous material but very little fluff and windup.

You know how “how to” YouTube videos waste a minute of your time before actually getting to the point. The Lab experts get moving fast. The intros are short and truly just set up the rest of the information. The only real time waster and my one big critique is the opening 4 second graphics to each video. It doesn’t sound like much but it gets annoying when you consider there are hundreds of videos to get through.

3. Well organized.

It’s very easy to find specific topics you want to watch. And each video is very specifically tailored so it’s not like you have to scan through an hour video over a general subject to find a specific topic.

4. Resources freely shared.

A lot of gold is uploaded to the private Facebook page and The Lab modules section in the form of resources. This, in and of itself, is extremely valuable because you can instantly know what the best marketers are using for links, services, etc.

5. The quality of information.

Don’t buy Thai Lopez. Don’t go see Tony Robbins. Don’t go to college for internet marketing. This course has everything you need if you’re serious about learning how to rank sites in Google, advertise on Facebook, make money online, etc. Each video has step-by-step instructions that are made to not only educate you but show you exactly what to do.

I highly recommend The Lab.

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