Review: Dino Gomez’s Facebook Advertising Course is Great

November 2019 Update: Since I wrote my original review below in 2018, Dino has packed a lot of stuff into his Facebook ads course, called Funnel Consultant Society.

I was just re-going over it yesterday because I got a new client that wants to run Facebook ads and Dino’s FB advertising course is like having an expert walk you through setting up an ad with advanced techniques.

Here are a few things I would tell someone that was thinking of joining the course:

First, you can’t get this online for free.  This isn’t a course that basically repackages a bunch of YouTube videos.

Dino is actually a leading Facebook ads expert with cutting edge ideas and thinking.  In fact, in the course he actually goes inside the dashboard and discusses some real client campaigns and strategy.

The point here is that Dino Gomez isn’t a fake-it-til-you-make-it-guy, he is a leading expert that makes a lot of money (he doesn’t say this but it’s obvious) with FB ads.

Second, Dino gives you done for you sales funnels for your clients for multiple niches.

What this means is he basically gives you the website to convert the Facebook traffic.

  • ad copy
  • website sales templates
  • website copy
  • instructions on customizations

Niches with this complete blueprint include gyms, hair salons, coolsculpting, chiropractors, personal injury attorneys, solar installation companies, and more.  And he’s adding a new one every week.

I mean, he’s handing over the keys to the car.  All you have to do is figure out how to drive and he tells you how to drive in the course.

I can’t overstate how key this is.  99% of courses aren’t going to do the templates and hand them over to you.

Third, I would tell someone there are a few things he recommends you buy.

One is ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels isn’t necessary but it’s going to make setting up lead pages a lot easier if you get it.

As you’ll read in my original review below, I dislike Russell Brunson (creator of Click Funnels) because of some of his early exploits with Dan Kennedy.  He’s seemingly evolved into a more ethical marketer but I have not forgot his history.

Regardless, Dino uses Click Funnels and it does the job.

Another purchase is a software I’m going to not mention because I’d rather people not know about this.  It’s a one-time cost of $197 and holy hell, it’s a game breaker.

Essentially, the software gives you data and abilities that someone just using the Facebook dashboard would never have.  That’s a difference maker for both you and your clients in terms of ROI.

Fourth, I highly recommend the course.

This isn’t some fluff course comprised of a bunch of recorded webinars where someone just rambles on and publishes it.  This is lean info in the form of Facebook advertising secrets.

The course really and truly does give you the ability to make a great living by helping companies with their Facebook ads (it’s mostly local business centric).

Discount: Dino reached out to me to give an exclusive $500 discount for new members to Funnel Consultant Society.

The coupon code is my last name: rivenburgh

So if you go to the sign up page here:

Make sure to mention/enter my name “rivenburgh” and you’ll get $500 off the course.

I’m an experienced Internet Marketer who is actually using this course and will continue to do so.  Not only is Dino a legit good guy, his course is 100% worth whatever he’s charging.

And I’m not the only testimonial.  There are other reviews that say the same thing.

If you skipped to this section, here’s the TLDR:

Funnel Consultant Society is the truth.

Dino Gomez is legit.

You can get a $500 discount for 2019 by using the coupon rivenburgh (my last name).

Sign up here:

Note: I’m not sure if there’s a direct box to enter your referral code in, just make sure to tell Dino you have the coupon rivenburgh so that you don’t pay an extra $500 for no reason.

Below is my original review from 2018.

I met Dino in Las Vegas at the Local Client Takeover conference and we lost money on a Brittney Spears themed Big Six Wheel for 40 minutes.

(Side note here: Even mathematically speaking, it was incredible how often our – and especially my – numbers didn’t hit. Losing money isn’t a surprise but percentage-wise we should have at least hit a few more times.)

But we did get some entertainment value out of it because the guy who spun the wheel was coked up out of his mind so there’s that.

Anyways, I talked to him later at the VIP penthouse gathering and he started telling me how Facebook advertising was where it was at and how his client ads were converting like crazy.

I asked if I could get some consultation sessions in with him and we friended on Facebook and talked a little back and forth.

The only thing I didn’t like was he used Click Funnels. I’ve got to say I can’t stand Russell Brunson. At all. It’s partially because of his past and him coming from the Dan Kennedy circle but there’s more.

Anyways, so there was that disconnect but other than that, I liked everything that he was saying, he came across as super genuine, and my Facebook ad knowledge was horrible.

Dino then saves me money by coming out with his “Facebook Ads for SEOs” course (the private consultation was going to be more).

To my knowledge, I was the first one to complete the course and it was awesome.

He breaks things down into easy to understand pieces (not always easy with FB) and it isn’t common sense stuff.

Sure, he covers the basics in his training but he goes well beyond that in advanced topics you’re not just going to pick up reading a few blogs and Kindle ebooks.

One thing that struck me about Dino was he’s deceptively smart. That’s not a backhanded compliment in any way, it’s just when you talk to him, he just seems like a normal guy. But watching the course, I was impressed with how he simple and cohesive the information came across.

Facebook ads can get extremely complicated and disjointed quickly but Dino simplified them and made them easy to understand in a relatively short amount of time. I’d guess the aggregate time duration of the videos was less than 4 hours.

If you’ve ever seen Chris Record’s Dark Post Profits training (it’s for Facebook), he records himself blah blah blah-ing for something like 40 hours and uses the quantity as a selling point when in fact it is not!

I really appreciated that Dino got right to the point, visually recorded every step of the way and handed the information.

Great stuff. I learned a lot. And definitely something you can make a business of. Highly recommend it.

You can find the course here:

Make sure to use the promo or coupon code rivenburgh (my last name) for a $500 discount in 2019.

I think you’ll have to tell them the promo code, I’m not sure if there’s an actual box to enter it into but just make sure you get your discount.

Don’t want to leave $500 on the table for no reason.