Nick Kolenda is The Online Marketing Psychology Expert

Nick Kolenda is a real life example of how content marketing domination can make you #1 in your niche.

I found him in 2015 (while researching price points for my Amazon product, I think) and became a subscriber and ever since I’ve been overwhelmed by how much super premium content he gives away for free.

And when I say premium content, I mean the world’s best.

Nick distills voluminous amounts of empirical data and academic research (the kind you don’t want to read) into easy bits of info that anyone can read and understand.

This is POWERFUL, important stuff that can make all the difference in your marketing being profitable.

His guides – especially if bundled together – are worthy of $197, $297, $497 price tags and he gives them away.

Again, Nick is proof that his material works. His stats:

  • 20,000 email subscribers
  • 30,000 book buyers
  • 7,455 YouTube subscribers
  • 1,618 Twitter followers
  • 5,183 Facebook likes

His pricing psychology article also ranks #1 in Google for pricing psychology.

His Chat Roulette Mind Reading video will hit a million views by April 2018.

Analysis of Nick’s Business

First of all, I love his website. You know each pixel is engineered to get subscribers. It’s big, it’s bold, and yet it’s plain and simple and easy for readers to extract information from.

Also, all the information is free on his site but if you want the PDF, he makes you subscribe to get it. Great hook to get subscribers.

I’ve always thought his monetization was clumsy and very passive.

I think Nick actually leans away from making money because he doesn’t want to disrupt his flow. I’m sure he has a grand design when it comes to how to cash in but it’s been three years since I’ve known of him and I haven’t seen too many cash grabs.

How Does Nick Make Money

Well there’s his book.

[easyazon_infoblock align=”none” identifier=”0615815650″ locale=”US” tag=”bgr00-20″]

He’s sold 30,000 copies (according to the Amazon page) so estimating $2.50 in royalties each, he’s at $75,000 there.

He recently came out with a sales course. I nabbed it for $25 (easy buy, it’s Nick) but I can see now it’s $49. With 20,000 warm subscribers, I’d guess he got at least 7% conversion rate and putting each buy conservatively at $25, that’s $35,000.

I’ll review the course whenever I get to it but for now I still haven’t gone through it. It was just an auto buy because it was cheap and I know Nick’s paid courses are going to be stellar.

He also came out with a Blog Boost course which I think is now called Content Boost at that started at $70/month and then moved to $89 per his subscriber emails.

I think there was gold pricing ($897 is my guess but that’s very likely way off) that had this one up there for lifetime access.

Either way, I balked at this course, the blog boost label was particularly bad because it’s so generic, has been done a 1,000 times over, and is misaligned with (doesn’t convey) Nick’s strength: psychology.

And now he’s added consulting as a way of generating income.

Final Analysis

As I continue to profile my favorite online success stories, I notice this pattern of elite success despite notable mistakes along the way.

The moral being, it doesn’t matter. Just keep producing awesome work until you figure it out.

I think consulting was a natural progression for Nick and I think the next step is to be more aggressive in putting more stuff behind a paywall.

I’d also recommend posting a few more videos to YouTube because his videos are great and the more he posts and clogs the YouTube search results with his stuff, the more he’s going to get tens of thousands of new eyeballs on his brand.

Nick Kolenda is already the #1 marketing psychology expert in the world and he’s going to further cement that in 2018 and 2019.

The game is over, he’s won.

Go to and start downloading his free stuff and you tell me you wouldn’t pay for that.

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