Educational Subscription Service Delivers the Best Book Tidbits to You

Self-improvement enthusiasts are always looking for a more efficient way to absorb info.

Notevantage is a subscription service-product that extracts and delivers the best book tidbits, anecdotes, and data to subscribers.  It’s anchored by the concept of information investing.

Similar apps and websites include Blinkist, GetAbstract, and Instaread but while Notevantage is in the same educational racket, it’s approach is completely different.

Notevantage completely spurns book summaries (what the big 3 above specialize in) and instead offers curated notes that hyper focus on the very best selections from top non-fiction books.

Moreover, the educational approach is random and informal.

Whereas Blinkist and similar summary apps give you a database of book abstracts to search through, Notevantage selects and sends you random gold nuggets every week; It’s a surprise burst of information, much the way reading your favorite blog is – you don’t know what they’re going to post but you know you’re probably going to like it.

Therein lies another difference from Notevantage and the competitors: NV Notes are written and composed by one person with an emphasis on quality and simplicity so that readers can learn optimally.

Book summary websites source work to hourly workers so they can build up a huge library. The span is enormous but the product has been said to be watered down by several blog reviews.

Wrap Up

The content on Notevantage is of the highest quality and will give YOU an enormous ROI as YOU get the very best parts of top non-fiction books with easy to understand practical takeaways that you can apply right away for benefit in your life.

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