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A common problem is many people need someone to modify or customize WordPress themes to look clean and professional but it’s so hard to find trustworthy and affordable options.

I’m starting a full service custom web design business to fit this need.

The underlying foundation is you tell us exactly what you want your website to look like and we’ll make it happen. We can also implement any specific functions you want to have.

The turnaround time will be 3 days or less. If we get busy, of course I’ll let you know the adjusted time.

We can customize Thesis theme and other popular WordPress themes off ThemesForest such as Avada and UDesign.

The problem with a lot of ThemesForest themes is they’re fully loaded with every feature known to man but if you’re a beginner, novice, or even intermediate web designer or theme customizer, you’re probably in for at least a few hours of struggling to figure it out.

When you hire me, all you need to do is provide detailed instructions on exactly what you want done and I’ll take care of the rest.

As for pricing, it’s always going to depend on how complicated your website is.

Things that affect price will be the detail required, the amount of special coding required, how much content you want us to implement, how many pages you want created, and everything to that effect.

And we can redesign or create your website with any type of platform or template you’d like to use. For example, you don’t have to have a WordPress site.

We can also make your design responsive or mobile friendly so it will remain beautiful whether on tablet or phone.

custom web design wordpress

We’re as SEO friendly as your theme is. I highly recommend Thesis Theme (that’s what this blog is) for the best optimized structure but it’s up to you.

The starting price for a basic website design will be $995.

We can also do logos and add relevant professional photos but those will be extra cost.

All costs will be quoted upfront.

The best way to contact me is by emailing kris -at- for now.

We’ll only use your website in our portfolio with your permission so nobody has to know you used our service.

If we’re unable to do a job because of the size (ie large ecommerce site) or due to a backlog of orders, I’ll let you know right away so you can look for another web designer.

This service works perfect if you have another website and blog you’d like your site to look like or at least look similar too.

If you need help with related services like webhosting, domain name setup, email setup, and local SEO, just let me know.

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