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Weebly Making Subdomains Very Sneaky for 2019

I swear to God companies are so fucking stupid.  They completely throw their reputation in the garbage to try and trick you into paying.

I get the not putting emphasis on the options they don’t want you to choose.

For example, putting a free option in smaller gray font vs. a big, bold premium option.

But just outright being confusing to try and get domain registrations is such a cheap, unbecoming trick.

Anyways, I recently tried to create a free Weebly site with subdomain and I couldn’t find the subdomain option (December 2018).

So I searched the support forums and saw as other people were having the same problems in 2018 BUT the problem was not being solved in any of the threads.

And the kicker is you know the support knew EXACTLY what people were asking about but purposefully stayed aloof to redirect and otherwise deaden the direction of the question.

SO… if you want to know how to get a subdomain, you have to click on the bar to get a paid domain name and then look at the very bottom of the box.

Here it is:

screenshot of where to get your free subdomainThey had a very obvious subdomain option before but took that down so they could trick people into boosting their annual revenue by $67.

And if you don’t want to offer the free option anymore, THEN DON’T!  But don’t jack with people and make everyone waste their time because you’ve decided to be a jackass company.

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