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Glen Allsopp’s Detailed.com – What is it?

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Glen Allsopp produces other worldly content spanning depths of internet marketing most experts wouldn’t even think to think about.

His blog post on how 16 companies are/were dominating Google is legendary. I’ve actually referenced it multiple times to people in real life conversations.

He’s a next level thinker and I subscribe to him.

As soon as he offered Marketing, Inc. (along with Diggy) I knew I was in. It sucked to watch the price fall from my buy-in of $2,500ish to $1,000 later on but #marketers.

He followed up Marketing, Inc. with Gaps.com and I’m still not sure why Gaps is free but the material, again, is top notch.

His newest venture is Detailed.com. He’s obviously poured himself into Detailed but from the moment he released it in June of 2017 I thought it would be a flop.

My first impression then was it was a service that showed you where to find relevant link opportunities to your website.

And that’s where part of the flop comes in: It’s not that easy to tell what exactly Detailed.com is offering.

Everything looks great and it’s Glen so you know it’s top quality but why am I going to buy a subscription?

The 5 Minute Website Review

Since it’s still hard for me to discern what exactly Detailed.com does at a quick glance, I set a timer and gave myself 5 minutes to look over the website and relay what Detailed offers. Here is my summary:

Detailed.com shows you where to find highly relevant and targeted traffic and link opportunities for different niches.

The backlinks are filtered to show only fresh links from real people/websites (vs. every single link that points to a site). There is also a database of curated sites you can sort through that may provide traffic/link opportunities.

Twitter data is another way Detailed shows how to get links/traffic. The Twitter section shows mentions sorted by who the top influencers are citing and can be subcagetorized down to specific niches or specific sites.

I think that’s the gist of the site, basically you get laser targeted data on where you can potentially source links and traffic from.

While that technically passes the say-your-business-in-one-sentence-test, the problem I see is the value proposition that would make people jump out of their seats is not obvious and needs further explanation.

Does Anybody Want to Pay to Do Outreach?

The other reason I don’t like the concept is people are lazy.

The impressiveness of the data Glen is aggregating is not lost upon me but how many people want to do outreach, let alone pay for it?

A very low percentage. And so a lot of the market will be fenced off by their lack of desire to chase down links, even if the chase is highly efficient.

However, this business model does a 180 if Glen starts to offer the outreach service of corralling the links and traffic AKA the dirty work.

I think he could even boost the sales of the current subscription just by showcasing the DIY option next to the we-do-it-for-you option with ultra premium price tag.

God, if he offered the DIY service for getting smart traffic/links, it would be killer. Remember, this isn’t your grandma’s outreach, it’s intelligent, precision outreach/SEO.

Clearly there’s huge potential here. This site could easily be bought out. The data harvesting and/or infrastructure could be repurposed or sold for other uses.

This has never been done before and it’s a super powerful concept/infrastructure.

There will be initial success from outreach junkies and zealous agencies who recognize the power of what’s in front of them. And maybe that’s enough of a market slice to make it all worth it.

But, flatly, if he offers a done-for-you service, I think the revenue will explode.

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