Amazon Integrates Audible into Product Pages

audible checkoutWhen I went to the homepage, I was met with a line of suggested books.  I clicked on one of them and to my surprise, I went to a page specifically for the audiobook.

In the past, Amazon redirected you to for the purchase but now they’ve integrated your Audible account into the checkout.

The screenshot on the right shows the new 1-click buy box preloaded with my Audible account membership.

I like the move but the Audible website is now expendable.  Does Amazon push Audible under the megastore umbrella or do they continue to allow them to operate as their own separate entity while simultaneously selling on the conversion-centric Amazon sales page?

I’d keep the best of both worlds.

I pause on that statement though because I’m going to buy more audiobooks if Amazon feeds them to me every time I’m logged in.  If they eliminate Audible altogether, I’ll be forced into the constant sales funnel that is

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