2020 Robinhood Review: Can’t Claim Free Stock, Can’t Change Watchlist

There’s a stock I accidentally found out was available (really excited about it) so I researched available online brokers and the new Robinhood looked the most appealing so I signed up – DESPITE the social security requirement.

(Little did I know, you need a social security number to sign up to trade stocks. I haven’t traded in a decade so maybe it’s always been like that but I fucking hate it.)

Anyways, Robinhood.com is set up very nicely and has a very simple interface and dashboard which I appreciate. I’m still waiting on the small amounts to be verified to my bank but so far so good except for:

1) I wasn’t able to claim the free stock (not that I even knew of this bonus when I signed up but if you’re going to offer something have it work).

2) You can’t edit your watchlist and move stocks around. It’s unintuitive and annoying because otherwise the watchlist is so convenient and easy to keep track of what’s going on in an instant.

I actually wrote Robinhood about the free stock claim and something else and got a canned answer:

Thank you for writing in! Hope you are having a great Friday so far!

We will be glad to help!

Please try the following troubleshooting steps to resolve your issue on Robinhood Web:

Log out and log in to Robinhood for Web
Close and reopen your web browser
Try accessing your account on another internet-enabled device
Double-check that your browser is up to date
Make sure you’re using a browser that we support (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer 11 and above)
Make sure that you have a strong internet connection

Here are the troubleshooting steps that will help fix any glitches that you might be experiencing through the app:

Log out and log into the Robinhood app
Uninstall and reinstall the Robinhood app
Turn your phone on and off and make sure no other apps are running in the background
Make sure you’re on the latest version of the Robinhood app. If not, please download the latest version of the Android app, or download the latest version of the iOS app.
Make sure your device is running the latest operating system
Make sure you’re not connected to a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

I cleared my browsing history and was able to claim the free stock but they need to fix this or at least immediately address it because it’s a problem many people are having. There was nothing wrong with my browser yesterday.

It’s the little things that made up when you’re executing on something huge like this. Robinhood’s been open for a while and the fact that I already have had a rough go of it is a negative mark.

They need to improve on the details to make for a flawless experience but so far I like the foundation of what they’ve built.

Currently you can’t trade crypto but hopefully cryptocurrency trading will be enabled in 2019 or 2020 at the latest.

January 7, 2019 Edit:

I forgot to mention this. Today I received my two small verification deposits in my bank account but when I go to the banking page on Robinhood, it crashes and this is what I get:

It reads, “Uh oh. Looks like something went wrong. Please refresh the page.”

I had forgot about this when I wrote the original review. More problems for Robinhood.

This is little stuff that can easily be fixed but now is preventing me from using my account.

Also, I received an email from Robinhood where I’m supposed to click a button to verify my bank account.