2017 Review: Namecheap Shared Webhosting for WordPress Sites (with Page Load Speed)

Webhosting reviews are so up in the air and God forbid you land on an affiliate website. You’ll never be able to figure out right from left.

I recently bought Namecheap webhosting to have another IP to host my sites from.

I bought the Ultimate plan for $29.88 for the first year and $129.88 yearly renewal cost. It comes tagged with these features:

  • Unlimited SSD-Accelerated Disk Space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Up to 50 websites

But what I care about and what you probably do to is how fast it is.

I just tested it on Pingdom.com using New York City as the location (I don’t know where Namecheap’s servers are located) and it came back with good results:

Performance Grade: B, 86

Load Time: 1.64 seconds

Faster Than: 78% of tested websites

Page Size: 709.7 KB

And this is for a standard, newly created WordPress blog with some content on it.

On my end the site loads lightning fast and that’s what this really comes down to.

The setup within the Namecheap dashboard is slightly confusing but figureoutable (click the server icon next to the domain) and there is a few minute delay between when you place your order and when you’re able to login which I didn’t like but my site loads fast so I’m giving it an A-.

The renewal price at $11/month is on the high side but, again, the site does load fast so I’d rather pay $2 more a month than say Hostgator and have my site run .5-1.5 seconds faster.

One more note.  While looking at some other reviews of Namecheap from 2013 on WebhostingTalk, I saw Matthew Russell, a Namecheap employee/rep, come in and defend their webhosting as not just something they do on the side. I like that they take pride in being a webhost and said that.

Also, Namecheap has an outstanding reputation as a domain registrar so that’s another thing in their favor.

If you have a review of Namecheap, bad or good, please leave it below.

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