Web 20 Ranker Review: Do Their White Label SEO Services Work?

I’ve placed $5,633.90 worth of links from Web20Ranker.com over 7 orders. Two of those orders were bulk purchases (press releases and niche placements links) that I’ve yet to use even half of.

So what gives, have my sites flown to the top of Google?

The short answer is no but before you write off Web 2.0 Ranker, read the rest of my review.

my link building orders with web 20

I first came to know of Web 20 through The Lab (SEO and marketing education) Facebook group. Mark Luckenbaugh of Local Client Takeover is one of the partners for The Lab and is an owner or at least part owner of Web 20. I met Mark in Las Vegas at his LCT conference – genuinely great guy.

As this site was backed by Mark and endorsed by Matt Diggity, it was a no-brainer to buy links from. When you go through the site, you’ll see Chaz Edwards looks to be in charge of the operations.

The service has its great side and its bad side.

First the bad: They rarely answer their live chat inside 15 minutes of you pressing enter. This is despite the fact that it constantly interrupts you while you’re trying to navigate the site. If you ping them within business hours, they’ll (usually) eventually reply but it can take a while – like 30 minutes a while.

The good: They will get back to you via email and they’ll actually answer your questions (no vague BS answers that don’t help you).

The also good: They’ve been very responsive to me and favorable in granting my requests. For instance, they ran a 25% off sitewide flash sale and I made a purchase before the deadline but decided to make one more only to realize the deadline had past (it was a time zone thing and really my fault because I had waited until the last minute). Still, I emailed support and asked if they would honor the discount and they did.

They very much didn’t have to do this so it was quite the pleasant surprise.

they took care of me

How are the links?

The most disappointed I’ve been with Web 20 is with the brand links. I placed a $485 order and basically got 40 links from sites that allow you to have profiles. The profiles came with horribly spun content (Chaz claims itis decent content in the explainer YouTube video) and image media insertions — this was a part of the “social power up”. Of course, an excel spreadsheet report came alongside it.

I have since outsourced the link creation side of this for $50 and I know I can get it done cheaper than that. Obviously there was a bad value proposition here.

The rest of my orders are so recent, I can’t speak to a rankings increase yet. Also, even if more time had lapsed after my orders, I’m trying to mostly rank social profiles and that might not be fair to judge since RankBrain might be artificially holding them back and the keyword difficulty to get on the first page (which only has 6-7 organic spots btw) is on the higher end.

The press releases were rock solid and a very good value in comparison to any other vendor.

I can’t be of more help here…yet but I will update this post when I have a better and bigger sample size.

How fast are they?

On the slow side actually. I’m sure they’ve got a backlog but the brand links order with 40 links was placed on May 1st and I got my completion report on May 17.

My PBN order was placed on May 25 and I received a report on that on June 13.


I think their links are quality. So far I haven’t seen the rankings increase but, again, I mostly haven’t been trying to rank traditional websites and, again, most of my orders haven’t been fulfilled yet.

Their customer service response time (for at least live chat) needs to be improved. The actual support I have received has been rock solid but the timeliness is another matter. Also, I wish they were quicker on the turnaround times for orders. 19 days for a PBN order is definitely stretching it.

The value proposition is hit and miss. I’ll order all my press releases from them but never again will I touch their brand links. Ultimately, you’ve just got to pick and choose what packages you order.

So far, I give them a B.

I will continue to order from them so that says a lot. I place a lot of trust in Luckenbaugh. A few months from now, I’ll update this review.

Do you have an experience good or bad? Leave a comment below.

2 Replies to “Web 20 Ranker Review: Do Their White Label SEO Services Work?”

  1. I don’t. I stopped using them and hired someone else to build tiered links.

    There are so many factors in play here (whether I was using the right linking strategy, the Google imposed limit on the properties I was trying to rank, the competition) I don’t have enough information to make a conclusion on them.

    To be fair, the tiered links haven’t broken through yet either.

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