Review: StableHost Is/Was Slow And Has Almost NO Customer Support

For some reason setting up webmail is usually an adventure. I think it’s just a fact of life.

So here I am today trying my damndest to get a custom email set up through 2016 Outlook and after 20 minutes of failing miserably, I try to contact StableHost for help.

First, they don’t have live chat.

Second, I call their phone number and it’s only for sales support. If you’re not buying something from them, the auto responder just hangs up on you.

But what’s deceptive is they don’t put that their phone is only for sales support so you waste a few minutes of your time figuring that out. You can check out a screen shot above of the non-mention of that. Fuck you StableHost.

Third, when you try to submit a support ticket, you have to login – to what I don’t know. I entered in my email and password associated with the account. And no go. Then I tried resetting my account password with the email on the account. Nothing.

Tell me, why would the support login be any different from the CPanel login?

What is someone going to hack my account – have access to all of my website files but not follow through because they couldn’t get access to technical support?

The only reason I can think of is to make it hard to access support!

It’s infuriating and I almost didn’t write this post because it’s a waste of my time but companies need to continually get called out on this type of BS.

This is horrible, terrible, non-existant customer service and so I definitely recommend you take your money and your business elsewhere.

Companies like this deserve to die immediately.

It’s beyond stupid too because a good webhost is contingent on 3 things:

1. Good,reliable uptime
2. Fast loading speeds
3. Good customer service!

Stablehost has been slow as hell but on their Facebook page it looks like they acknowledged this and moved servers (we’ll see if it makes a difference).

Whether they’re fast now or not, how can you put faith in a company that only wants to help when it comes time to taking money but they send you to a password protected phantom zone where you can’t create a support ticket.

And, and that’s presuming that support tickets are enough to even constitute customer service which they are not.

There should be plain as day email and phone support as well. And a webhost really should have 24/7 live chat.

Fuck StableHost.

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  1. Interesting – I have been with them for 3 years – no issues. When you sign up, you do get two different accounts (one for cpanel and one for billing and support tickets). I actually prefer this – I share access to the Cpanel with many different people, however, if any of them go rouge on me, I can login to the billing/ticketing system and send a ticket. they have responded within 15 minutes typically.

    Also can’t say i agree about the server being slow – my sites load fine – I will say – I chose to have my sites based on the Chicago server. It is unacceptable that the server would be slow however – did they fix everything for you?

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