Chronicles of Judah 144 on YouTube Growing by Dispelling Media Myths

I was looking for real discussion on Lebron James alleged steroid or PED usage and I stumbled upon this video:

Chronicles of Judah 144 is the channel and the commentary was completely different than I was accustomed to: intelligent, backed by available facts and evidence, and sharply decisive (no hedging).

I checked out a few more videos and was similarly impressed by the commentary.

The channel is broadly rooted in sports but also covers political, social, and cultural topics.

Typically the publisher, known as Chronicles in the comment section, will record a talk show or news segment and then pause the video and “chime in” with his thoughts after key parts.

Now anybody can do this – and a lot of people do – but the key difference is Chronicles is extremely intelligent and well educated and is able to see through various perpetrations by mass media, institutions, and groups.

The level of knowledge displayed is incredible. I suspect Chronicles may have a photographic memory because he is obviously well read and seemingly remembers everything.

The channel’s growth has been staggering.

YouTube has Chronicles as starting on Joined Aug 18, 2016.

Thus far his videos have 5,190,609 total views with the above Lebron James video at over 50k.

He also has 16,230 devoted subscribers (I say devoted because he now uploads his videos in the early Monday mornings and most have at least a thousand views almost instantly).

What’s admirable is Chronicles hasn’t used his YouTube platform for commercial gain. Rather he does it to educate and empower the “so called black man.”

Maybe he’ll eventually make some money off it. I hope so. I think he deserves to garner some revenue for all of the time and energy he devotes.

Edit: He does have a Patreon channel:

Even though I am not his target audience, I find the videos compelling, if for no other reason than he discusses things that won’t be touched by any platform.

For example, Bill Simmons will only allude to Lebron James alleged steroid usage, he’ll touch it with a 10 foot pole but then immediately run away scared. Obviously, Chronicles will go into it.

As you might guess by the name, ChroniclesofJudah144 is religious but the videos aren’t overtly dominated by religion. I’m non-religious but I still find the videos entertaining.

As one critique, I would say the publisher overreaches and/or oversimplifies in some of his conclusions (eg MMA was created for white masculinity). I disagree with some of his assertions and core beliefs but that doesn’t takeaway from the quality of work that goes into the videos.

You could also challenge many of Chronicles conclusions with religious underpinnings. The basic point being that scripture, the foundation of many of his arguments, is flawed in its ambiguity, contradiction, adaption over time, uncertain origins, etc.

But, by and large, the channel is enjoyable and provides a unique perspective, one that is rarely shared.

For example, I loved his Lobster Poison video:

You won’t see that on any news piece!

Honesty and candor from an educated, intelligent source is refreshing to me.

One misconception that runs rampant through the internet is that disagreement = bad content. You don’t have to espouse any of the same beliefs to like a media figure. I enjoy candor, unique prospective, and educated POVs even if I 100% disagree.

One problem I foresee is the channel being taken down. Chronicles is spilling way too many inconvenient truths that affect billion dollar industries.

It would be very easy for a mass media company like ESPN or CNN to claim copyright infringement and have most of the videos wiped out.

For anyone looking to make money off YouTube, Chronicles provides a great blueprint to success: upload quality, authentic content consistently and people will eventually start watching.

3 Replies to “Chronicles of Judah 144 on YouTube Growing by Dispelling Media Myths”

  1. I just found this channel. I am a female, and I should NOT like this channel as much as goes IN on the “liberal Black female”, however like you I just CAN”T stop watching because he lays it out pretty definitively and such hard core truths that it makes you WANT to listen and try to hear him out and understand his P.O.V. and perhaps soul search and question personal long assumed ideologies, professions and assumptions. For example, his video on Dwayne Wade’s wife, Gabrielle Union as a guest on the sports show, touting her book: “We’re Going to Need More Wine”. explore woman/rebellion and the Liberal Woman and the realities of ageing and social climbing, fame etc…Like you said, whether you disagree or not it does cause one to think about these related issues and home “talking heads” and high profilers espouse certain ideologies and current assumptions.

  2. CofJ, is actually coming from a “black” Moses perspective akin to that of the black Muslim brotherhoods in that his target is imo (as he sees it) black american males who are exploited, marginalised, disaffected and in the main, un-educated or unaware.
    His position on black/women in general is pathetic, ill-informed, archaic and by today’s standards, anachronistic
    According to him, women aren’t to be trusted morally, are intellectually witless and need ‘leading’ by intellectually and morally superior males.
    As an afterthought , during the war, women slotted into men’s roles in industry and other businesses with no problems at all.
    As stated, he knows certain things but can come across as intellectually pompous with very little real understanding of why we humans are as we are.

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