I Backed Out of Buying SalesHandy Email Tracker At the Last Second

I’m in the market for an email tracker for Outlook.

After HubSpot set the tone in this market, it looks like everybody’s got the email tracking recipe and is selling the service.

Problem is they’re trying to get $10/month which is more than I’d like to pay.

I found SalesHandy and everything looked good and they only charged $7/month.

Almost sold.

I hit up their live chat and asked if I could get a refund within 14 days if I just bought the premium subscription outright rather than using their free trial.

I thought it would work and I didn’t want to mess around with getting a free trial so I just wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be stuck if it didn’t work.

Astov or something like that was the chat rep.

He said a refund within 14 days wouldn’t be a problem. And I was sold.

Then he asked me what my name was.

I responded with a “?”.

He followed up that he was asking for my “full name”.

So I typed out “Why?” which is what I had meant from the question mark.

He said it was “for my information” or something almost exactly like that. I already closed the chat so that might not be the exact wording but his response was for his information.

What a weird fucking thing to say.

And that was it.

He apologized for my inconvenience but he really should apologize to the owners of the site.

As much as I wanted to go with them, he blew that sale. I don’t think I can ever choose them even though everything they had going looked nice – I can’t shake off the bad vibes from that comment.

And so the search goes on. I’ll write a post when I find a good app/software.

3 Replies to “I Backed Out of Buying SalesHandy Email Tracker At the Last Second”

  1. It gets worse for me.
    My father and business partner paid for our subscription for a year. Around $310. Ustov was talking and helping us. He sold us the product as well. He was a great help… BUT the program was a farce. I have repeatedly asked for a refund. It’s been under 30 days and calculated it to be a 91.66% refund.

    I even wrote the owners of Saleshandy. I reached out to Ustov. I reached out and so did my dad Stewart W. To Umang. Still no response on any sort of refund.

    Luckily my cousin is a whiz at social media and if we don’t get a response this week, he… My cousin has some ideas.

    I wish I wasn’t so tempted by juvenile actions, but they have gone dark and I’m not asking for a full refund. The ball is in their court. The clock is ticking.

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