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2018 Review: SEO Butler (formerly

Every company/business comes down to the people behind it and after listening to Darryl Rosser’s podcast with Jonathan Kiekbusch, it was an easy decision to buy from SEO Butler for various search engine optimization needs.

Here’s the Lion Zeal episode on YouTube:

Jonathan Kiekbusch owns (you may remember it as PBN Butler) and he runs it perfectly.

First, I’ve ordered citations, social signals, and press releases without a hitch. All were timely and delivered as promised.

At some point in the near future I’ll order guest posts and include my experience with those in this blog post.

Secondly, the prices are very fair. Jonathan’s garnering a lot of business by taking less on profit margins (he could charge more) but getting business in droves on volume.

Third, the support has always been top notch.

If I ever need an order changed or to ask a question, I always receive a quick follow up with a NO BS response that actually resolves whatever I’m asking for.

That’s the review (I’ve added a video below as well). I know this is short but SEO Butler is run to perfection.

My only critique was that he offer a 100 social signal product that drips over 30 days but that’s it. Hopefully Jonathan expands the number of products and services as anything he does is done right.

Highly recommended.

Links to popular products/services (affiliate):

SEO Butler Social Signals

SEO Butler Citations

SEO Butler Press Releases

SEO Butler Guest Posts

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